Where do I start with Instacart on my 1st day? Start here!

So you completed your W-9 and direct deposit info for Instacart, you start tomorrow and your 1st question is probably "Where do I actually have to go?" "Where do I actually have to report to?" In my opinion you should either start at a hotspot* or an Instacart Powered**  store. As long as you are in the Philadelphia zone you are considered "in the zone" and able to receive batches.  I recommend starting at store that you are very familiar with so that you are able to get in and out of the store in a timely fashion.


* "Hotspot"- a location on the Instacart Zone Map where the area is colored to signify that there is a store in the area currently receiving orders.

** "Instacart Powered Store" - A store that is registered as an approved shopping location for Instacart shoppers to shop from for their respective customers.   

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